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I am a senior advertising student at The University of Texas at Austin also pursuing a Business minor. I am in the Texas Immersive sequence in the Advertising and PR school, which specializes in immersive storytelling and experiences. 

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My Story

I'm currently Austin-based, but I grew up a little north of Dallas. Growing up, I was a reader and painter, and would immerse myself in any craft I could get my hands on. I am lucky enough to still be able to do the same things and pursue them as a career.


My first internship was with the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, where I planned a few education outreach events and designed a few pages in their 2017 Student-Centered Zine. This was where I first picked up graphic design. I started off with Photoshop, just seeing how I could change the textures and colors of an image. I wanted to learn more about graphic design, so in the summer of 2017, I moved to New York for a month to take a graphic design course at Parsons School of Design. At Parsons, I learned InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop a little more professionally. 

In 2018, I started at the University of Texas at Austin. I continued my hobbies of reading and creating, and began pursuing an Advertising degree and business minor. Advertising seemed like the best way for me to apply my two passions into a career. I applied to Texas Immersive on a whim, and when I was excepted, my education really took off. The first summer after I got in, I took a "Hack Lab" course where I learned how to program AI while maintaining ethical standards. Meanwhile, I was working on the Barton Time Stream Exhibit designing assets in Illustrator and InDesign. Around the start of my junior year of college, the Time Stream project wrapped up and I began working for Erin Reilly, the founder of Texas Immersive. With her, I designed and maintained websites and monthly newsletters, as well as managed a team of volunteers for social media management. Through this job, I met Kathleen Mabley, the Moody Marketing Director at UT. After my job with Texas Immersive wrapped up, I got hired by Kathleen to help out with web design and the Moody-wide transition to a new web host, Drupal 9. Now we are up to date! I am working in Drupal to design and perfect Moody College of Communication's websites for all departments and schools. 

TL;DR: I've always had an eye for design and stories, and now I want to help others create and maintain their stories online.


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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